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Dear Quang;

On behalf of the Vietnam Landclearers Association, thank you for addressing the group on Thursday, August 2, 2018, in Colorado Springs, CO.

Your presentation was heartfelt and well received by all. It was healing for me, and many others, to hear from your perspective.

On a personal note, I value the friendship made with your beautiful wife and yourself.

May our paths cross again.

God bless and keep you safe.

Tom Randle
Vietnam Veteran/Vietnam Landclearers Association

Charged with the responsibility for organizing a Memorial Day service in Los Angeles this year, I was extremely happy when Quang agreed to be our keynote speaker. I had read portions of his presentation in Prescott Valley and knew that his message was one that needed to be heard.

Quang and wife Mai travelled from Arizona and were gracious enough to join me for dinner the evening before his presentation. They are delightful and genuine people with a fascinating and inspiring story to tell. Their love of freedom and pride in being Americans is reflected in everything they say and do. It was truly a pleasure to get to know them that evening and I hope that our friendship will continue.

Quang’s speech the next day captivated the audience of 200. He spoke of surviving the Tet Offensive as a 6 year old, coming to America as a teenager and of his proudest day, becoming an American Citizen. He expressed his appreciation to all veterans and first responders for their service in preserving our freedom. He gave special thanks to the 58,000 + who gave their lives defending South Vietnam and to all who served and helped to keep him and other children alive. After the event, he met and thanked each Vietnam Veteran personally for their service. For some, it may have been the first time they heard those words.

I will not forget that day. Thank you Quang.

Ken Hayashi
Vietnam Veteran 1967-1968


Quang Nguyen is a close friend and professional associate. I have admired him for years as a Vietnamese legal immigrant to America and war refugee who wears the mantle of a true “American” and citizen. His story is to be envied as he has pursued a life of being a contributor to our country. He is an extremely articulate public speaker. Please contact Quang at any time as guest speaker for your group or organization.



Paul E Vallely MG, US Army (Ret)
Chairman – Stand Up America
Chairman – Legacy National Security Advisory Group

Quang and I continue to work together via Email/Internet connectivity on Military Veteran/Military Retiree/Patriotic issues. He is a most creative young man whose outside the box thinking has become rather legendary in a relatively short period of time... assisting others in presenting ideas, products, and programs.

He is a very patriotic American, gaining his citizenship the hard way by escaping from Vietnam, and that plays greatly to how he values his American citizenship! He relays that to all who hear him speak at special engagements, rallies, veteran reunions, etc.

He is a dedicated family man and it shows in the way his beautiful wife, son and daughter excel, just like Quang, at everything they do!!

Wayne V. Morris
Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

Almost six years ago, back during the summer of 2010, a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman Vietnam War Veteran buddy of mine emailed me and asked if I was going to attend the Conservative-oriented Freedom Rally that would be taking place in a few days here in Prescott Valley, Arizona where I live. I told him I didn't know anything about it, but that I was very interested and asked him for some additional information. He said that that was about all he knew about it, that it would be taking place here in our town in a few days, but that he had the email address of one of the people that would be speaking at the event, and that he, that person, Quang Nguyen, would be able to tell me when, where, and what time, and he gave me Mr. Nguyen's email address. Turns out that he lives right here in Prescott Valley. I emailed him and he gave me the info I needed. I called a fellow Marine Corps buddy and asked if he and his wife would like to join me and my wife at the prescribed place and time. We arrived at the Entertainment Center here in Prescott Valley about 20 minutes early. We found out very quickly that it was a good thing we got there when we did. The whole area where the event was to take place very quickly became standing room only. There had to be a couple of thousand people there. Maybe more.There was an opening ceremony, and then we listened to a couple of the speakers speak, including the ever-funny Victoria Jackson of Saturday Night Live fame. She was great.

Then they introduced the next speaker to us ... and we were totally blown away! All of us, but most especially all of we combat veterans in the crowd, about 50% the audience. The "next speaker" on the stage at the time was Quang Nguyen. And when he spoke a hush fell over the audience. You could have heard a pin drop during his presentation.

"Who would have thought, 35 years ago, that I would be standing here in front of all of you ..."

And we were all spellbound from that point on. He talked for about ten or fifteen minutes. Near the end of his speech he had all of the present-day and former Policemen, Firefighters, and Veterans (war by war: WWII; Korea; Vietnam; Gulf war, etc) stand up, and we did. Mr. Nguyen's whole speech was a tribute to what he called the "true American heroes," with a lot of the emphasis having to do with the Veterans that fought in Vietnam where he was born and raised to the age of almost 13 years; before America went to his rescue and brought him and his family here, along with many thousand other freedom seeking Vietnamese citizens, here to the safety and freedom of our country where they will spend the rest of their years in the total freedom that America provides. This was a truly memorable event in my life that I will never forget.

Semper Fidelis and God Bless,

Fred E. "Dutch" White
Mustang Captain, United States Marine Corps, Retired (1958-1985)
Prescott Valley, AZ

As a retired Navy fighter pilot, Vietnam veteran, and the U.S. Naval Academy's admissions liason for area high schools, I became acquainted with Quang and his family about two years ago when his daughter became a candidate for Navy's Class of '21. Having heard him speak on several occasions, I invited him to be the guest speaker at a dinner meeting of the local chapter of a ninety year old national organizantion of pilots, many of whom are former miltary.

Not surprisingly, Quang didn't disappoint. He gave an outstanding talk about freedom and the American dream. His inspirational story of his escape from Vietnam and his journey to American citizenship and a successful career is a tribute to his courage, character, and determination.

Quang is a charismatic and articulate speaker. He has my highest recommendation for any meeting or event, but particulary for those that might enjoy hearing from an extemely patriotic American who is capable of leaving his audience with a renewed pride in our country and confidence for its future.

CAPT G. William Weiler, USN (Ret)
U. S. Naval Academy Admissions Liaison (BGO)

Having been an American patriot all my life, I have had occasion to know many men and women who exemplify all that is good and just about this country. Quang Nguyen is at the top of all of those.

I first met Quang when he was traveling across the USA videotaping the testimonies of Vietnam veterans, who hold a special place in his heart.  He uniquely understands why America was in Vietnam, and he acknowledges a debt to those veterans who fought for his country.

Quang is unique in a variety of ways: not only is he a patriot’s patriot, but he knows how to articulate his patriotic fervor in a manner easily understood by an audience, either through his verbal delivery or his artistic ability.  He is a talented speaker and graphic designer in addition to having an understanding of history and politics

Were I to enlist one single person to speak at the launching of either my presidential campaign or my funeral, it would be Quang Nguyen, such is my appreciation of his spirit and knowledge. 

Quang Nguyen has my highest recommendation to speak, to counsel, and to create in any venue whatever.


Larry Bailey
Special Operations Speaks co-founder

I am extremely fortunate to have Quang Nguyen as a professional compatriot and a friend.  He has been an inspiration not only to me personally, but to all the senior retired military officers in our organization - Special Operations Speaks. Quang possesses so much talent and so many admirable qualities it is difficult to list them all here on one page, but permit me to try. Quang is articulate, artistic and personable and as fine an American patriot as anyone I known or have worked with in 26 years of service.        

Quang’s story of his flight from tyranny and the travails that he his family had to endure in order to gain and earn the freedoms that we all too often take for granted, is truly inspirational. It is a tale not be missed.

As a former Commandant of the United States Air Force Special Operations School for five years (1986- 1991), I would have been honored and privileged to have had him on my faculty as a senior platform instructor and advisor.  His skills as a speaker and natural talent for “reaching out and touching” any audience are truly remarkable. Without hesitation I recommend Quang Nguyen to you as a guest speaker or a full-time employee should you require his talents for whatever might be your instructional or audience “inspirational” needs. You could not fine anyone better qualified.          


Dick Brauer, Col, USAF (Ret)
(850) 651-8380
Founder & Air Commando Coordinator
Special Operations Speaks

From December 14 to December 17, 2012 Mr. Quang Nguyen attended a reunion of the 585th Engineer Company(Vietnam) in New Orleans. He attended as our Guest Speaker and was a resounding success.

During my preparation for this event, I had decided to try to find an appropiate speaker. I had heard about Mr. Nguyen from other sources and made the decision to request his services. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He has the intelligence and ability to discuss the important issues and keep the attention of his audience. After this reunion, many of the 585th Veterans discussed the remarkable ability of Quang to clearly present his thesis. In closing, because he brought his wife to this Vietnam Veterans Unit reunion, the 585th Vets also had a bonus. She is a very intelligent young lady, who willingly contributed to this event. The 585th Veterans comments about the presentation were all very positive.

Sincerely submitted by H.Kenneth Seymour, Colonel(Ret)
Corps of Engineers
United States Army

No hyphenated ID here! Quang Nguyen is an American Patriot with a capital A! In fact, Quang is an American success story! His tale is a compelling and motivating one as to how he escaped Vietnam. Initially a boat person, then a refugee housed a Camp Pendleton, CA.

Not initially speaking English, academics initially graded his IQ at 87! Think what your IQ would be if you had to take an intelligence test in Vietnamese!  

Initially this score held him back, but the reality was Quang has a high 3 digit IQ. He graduated High School, entered Cal State on a Full Scholarship, was an Honors Graduate with a BA in Design, founded a very successful marketing company, and now wants to tell his story.

I know his story. We have traveled together and he has been to my home. He is a family man with a beautiful wife Mai working as an RN, a wonderful daughter Sarah most likely on her way to the United States Naval Academy, and son Casey bound for his own success as he completes his college education.

I can say without reservation that if any individual or group wants to know how to overcome all the odds, wants to be motivated to achieve their goals, or the goals of an  organization, then Quang is the man to inspire all with whom he comes in contact.

I spent more than 40 years in a Sales and Marketing and was a Senior Vice President with Fortune 100 Companies. I only wish I had known Quang Nguyen then, as he would have been the speaker I would have hired to motivate my organizations at our annual meetings.

My best wishes for Quang, and for all of you who have the opportunity to be touched and motivated by him!

Robert L. Rohrer

There is nobody I know who more embodies the “American Dream,” than Quang Nguyen. His story is one of courage, determination, and character that will leave any audience in awe. One of the most inspirational speakers you’ll ever book. More importantly, Quang is a man of honor and integrity, and I’m proud to call him a friend.




Don Smith
The Don Smith Show

It was my absolute honor to make the acquaintance of Quang Nguyen in November 2010.  He is among the very few people upon whom I bestow total admiration, appreciation, and respect.  He is also among the very few people that I know that is an unadulterated and unabashed American, proud and patriotic.  I’d like to think I could take some modicum of credit for the evolution of his character, but I cannot as he is very much his own man.  At every opportunity he has selflessly shown total and complete dedication to the well-being and welfare of our active duty military and our veterans, a trait vacant in most in this country.  Few in number, he is a member of a community with which I would and will stand, any time, any place.

Jon Hemp
The Dawgs Project